Is it weird for someone to write their own bio? In third person? I did that once and it felt weird.
And it became very long. So I want to try it this way now. Which still may end up long.
My name is Angela, some people call me really doesn't matter to me which you use,
as long as it's not "Angie". Only a select few can get away with that one.


I'll try to keep it short and sweet. I've been playing music for over 25 years even though at a glance
I may not look older than 20. (I am.) Originally from Cleveland, Ohio - I transplanted to California in 2012
when I decided to take that great leap of faith and leave my home town, my family, my bands, my friends,
my job, everything that had ever been familiar to me to further my education in lovely (?) Los Angeles.
I have mixed feelings about LA. I bet some of you do too.
Don't lie.


I graduated in the fall of 2013 earning my Associates Degree in Music Performance from LA Music Academy
(now Los Angeles College of Music). It was by far the most challenging thing I have ever done. And the best. 
Because I did it for me and I grew leaps and bounds as a musician and as a person.


I currently reside in the San Diego area playing, teaching and occasionally touring. I like to say yes to anything
that peaks my curiosity and I love playing good music with good people more than anything in the world. 


I also want to mention and plug the amazing company I work for as a part-time day job.
Lucky and grateful to be part of this team.